Farzad Naeim, Inc.


2019 PEER Annual Meeting Keynote address

NEES (USA) AND E-Defense (JAPAN) Collaboration on Experimental Research in Earthquake Engineering

instrumentation & Structural Health Monitoring


Lecture #1 -- SDOF

Static and Dynamic Equilibrium; Rotational Properties of Particles and Rigid Bodies; Simplified Stiffness Properties of Lateral Force Resisting Elements

Lecture #2 -- SDOF

Free Vibration; Damping; Response to Harmonic Loading;    Response to Impulse Loading

Lecture #3 -- SDOF

Response to General Dynamic Loading; The Concepts of Response Spectrum and Design Spectrum

Lecture #4 -- Approximate Analysis by Reduction of MDOF Systems to Equivalent SDOF Systems

The Generalized Coordinates Method; The Rayleigh Method

Lecture #5 -- MDOF

Dynamic Equilibrium of MDOF Systems; Matrix Representation of Mass, Stiffness and Damping; Mode Shapes and Frequencies; Orthogonality of Modes

Lecture #6 -- MDOF

Dynamic Response using Modal Superposition; Earthquake Response History Analysis; Response Spectrum Analysis;    Combination of Modal Responses

Lecture #7 -- Application Examples

Lecture #8 -- Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics